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Deconstruction Part 3: Recycling the Used Building Materials

November 18, 2010 by Anne

Our goal for the deconstruction of the building envelope is to transfer the least amount of building by-products to the landfill as possible. This goal informs the way we organize the on-site sorting of materials.

Metal ductwork, satellite dish, metal windows, gutters - anything metal from the site is collected here.

Deconstruction Part 2: 'Unbuilding' the House One Layer at a Time.

November 18, 2010 by Anne

The traditional way to demolish a building is to bring in the 'Cat' to smash and crash its way through the structure ending up with a huge mixed debris pile that is transferred to dumpsters and trucked to the landfill. 





Many times hazardous waste gets thrown into the mix and there is a real danger of ground and water contamination at the landfill.

The 'best practices' and sustainable alternative to demolition is "Deconstruction". The goal of deconstruction is to take apart the structure in such a way that most of the original building materials can be reused or recycled in some way. The landfill is the last resort  and is only used for a very small percentage of building materials which could not be reused or recycled.  In the first stage of the deconstruction, reusable and recyclable materials are stripped from the building and sold, donated, reused or reintegrated into the project.  In the second stage the envelope is is deconstructed and sorted into piles (i.e. concrete, wood, metal and glass).

Deconstruction Part 1: The Green Salvage Sale

November 18, 2010 by Anne

At the absolute core of sustainability is the reuse of materials whenever possible.  The first stage of green site deconstruction is to strip the existing stucture of any reuasable and recyclable materials. 

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