This web site will chronicle the conception, design, construction and performance of one of the first “Zero Energy Homes” (ZEH) in Silicon Valley. It is the first ZEH project in Silicon Valley undertaken in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Building America program. ZEH performance will be extensively monitored and published beginning in mid 2012.

The purpose of this web site is to share the knowledge, experience, best practices, and performance results of the project. More information about the designer/builder is at One Sky Homes.

At this website you may find more information about the retractable solar screens installed by ERS Shading.

We hope that this information will help the ZEH concept gain traction among homeowners, building designers and builders, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area climate zone for which the building was designed. The design concepts and construction techniques are equally valid in other climate zones with appropriate adjustments.

Current California law as specified in Assembly Bill 32, the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006”, already mandates that all residential new construction must be Zero Energy by 2020. A decade is long enough to transform the market, but we must rapidly embrace the concept as feasible and then work toward the transformation of design and construction practices. Hopefully this prototype project will help demonstrate the feasibility of creating Zero Energy Homes.