Advanced Framing: Two Stud Corners

Here’s another classic ‘Advanced Framing’ technique: building corners with only two studs, or sometimes three to keep the structural engineer happy in earthquake and hurrican zones. This technique reduces framing lumber and also allows for more insulation at the building corner (a space that usually goes un-insulated.)

By eliminating all the non-structural lumber from our exterior corners, you can see how there is more room for insulation. A 2×6 stud has an R-value of 6.8, while the insulated cavity can easily have an R-value as high as 21. You can then understand how fewer studs and more insulation will drastically improve the overall performance of our walls.

Here’s an image of a corner with double 2×6’s at one wall end to support a Holdown and a single 2×6 on the other wall end for a total of only three studs even on this structurally important “Shear wall” corner. Other corners have just two studs total, but in both cases there is still room to fill much of the outside corner with insulation. We’ve used some scrap pieces of OSB here on the inside edge, to act as our nailer for when we install our interior gypsum wall board later on.