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Roof Insulation: Radiant Barrier

The roof absorbs radiation from the sun and is heated. This heat then passes into the underneath side of the sheathing through conduction. The hot roof then radiates thermal energy into your open attic. Eventually, heat will make its way from your attic into your home through a combination of radiation, conduction and convection. 93% of this heat will come through radiation.

Ridge Ventilation

More than any other part of your house, the roof is subject to extremely high heat, both on and under the roof deck. In the summer, on a clear 90°F day, the sun can heat the roof shingles to 170°F. Without adequate attic ventilation, heat can routinely build up to as high as 140°F inside the attic.

Craning Roof Materials

What to do with tons of roofing materials that are needed on the roof?

Roof Framing: Raised Heel Trusses