Crawlspace Drainage System

In the middle of the crawlspace floor area on top of the building pad we place a perforated drain pipe with gravel and cover it with filter fabric.

The perorated drain pipe is installed with a T-fitting to connect a surface drain for the finished concrete floor of the crawlspace.

The 3″ drain pipe from the floor drain to the outside of the foundation wall is non-perforated and sloped so that any surface water from the crawlspace floor from a severe plumbing leak or flood …or good hose out …will drain to the exterior where it terminates in a dry sump fifteen feet away from the house.

A 3-4 inch layer of drain rock is then backfilled into the entire crawlspace.

Any bulk water intrusion whether flood or otherwise will quickly drain out.

The crawlspace is now ready for a sturdy vapor barrier.