Deconstruction Part 1: The Green Salvage Sale

At the absolute core of sustainability is the reuse of materials whenever possible. The first stage of green site deconstruction is to strip the existing stucture of any reuasable and recyclable materials.

We had a house-full of building materials that could be reused in other people’s projects so we contracted with Whole House Building Supply out of Palo Alto to conduct a Pre-Deconstruction Salvage Sale. A few days before the sale the organizers came to our project, tagged all the saleable items, took photographs and sent information about the sale to their 8,000 plus email contacts.

Whole House Builder’s Supply provided the signs, cashier and the re-movers. They provide proof of workman’s comp and liability for anyone working at the property. The proceeds from the sale are retained to cover thier costs and they haul away anything that isn’t sold after the weekend sale. We got an itemized list of what was salvaged and we can take a tax deduction that is equivalent to how much was sold and removed from the site.

Buyers signed a release from liability at the entrance.

Crew members help buyers load their purchases.

Sale crew taking unsold materials to the warehouse to sell off-site.

The deconstruction crew from Whole House Building Supply and Salvage were awesome.

We sold the playhouse on Craigslist ourselves and the buyer removed it with a small crane.

The garage door and opener were sold.

…and the old furnace for $100.

Once the sale was finished and the remainder of the building contents hauled away, we are ready to begin Deconstruction of the existing structure.

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