Deconstruction Part 3: Recycling the Used Building Materials

Our goal for the deconstruction of the building envelope is to transfer the least amount of building by-products to the landfill as possible. This goal informs the way we organize the on-site sorting of materials.

Metal ductwork, satellite dish, metal windows, gutters – anything metal from the site is collected here.

Wood not sold at the salvage sale is put into a pile for recycling.

Someone buys the hardwood floors.

The old roofing materials will be taken to a biomass energy facility.

There’s a designated dumpster for clean roofing lumber and another for sheetrock.

Used 2×4’s will be de-nailed and used in another building project.

The 4×6 floor beams from the old house will be de-nailed and become the corner posts for the new house.

Pablo de-nails lumber for use on-site.

The old furnace was sold for $100. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

The pavers from the walkways…

…and the bricks from the facade can be used again.

All of the hazardous material was collected on-site and delivered to the hazardous waste disposal site closest to us. We appreicate these guys.

Someday this wood debris will break down into rich soil again.

Besides the wood, metal and glass from the old house, the foundation was broken up and the clean concrete will be crushed and reused as gravel in new concrete mix or used as base rock for new highway construction.

Sorting and thereby recycling and reusing has a significant impact in the fight against global-warming and has the added benefit of creating jobs.