Ground Floor Girder and Joist Installation

Our project is ready for the ground floor girder and joist installation over the fully-insulated, conditioned crawlspace. Engineered Parallam girders and TJI joists are specified for their superior span length, uniformity and use of Oriented Strand lumber milling by-products, a sustainable materials characteristic.

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The piers supporting the floor girders stick up over the crawlspace floor level. To maintain a continuous air and vapor seal they are capped with 10mil poly sheeting and taped. After posts and girders are installed they will be insulated with spray foam together with the rim joists and mud sills to eliminate any thermal bridging.

1 3/4″ Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is specified by the structural engineer for the rim joists. Check out the anchor bolts connecting the building frame to the foundation …over 150 total. Earthquake country!

The plumber has run the underfloor plumbing which will be insulated before the subfloor is installed. The Drain/Waste/Vent piping extends through the building shell to the exterior so it is really a part of the thermal envelope of the building and therefore should be insulated to eliminate thermal bridging.

The hot water lines also get super thick 1″ insulation through the main supply trunk loop and up into the walls all the way to the fixture.

The subfloor is screwed and glued with a super-strong, Green Guard certified low VOC polyurethane adhesive compatible with the engineered AdvanTech flooring.

Ready for a dance. Walls next …about time.