Moisture Management of the Foundation: Liquid Rubber and Stucco Coatings

The crew is applying a special blend of adhesive, high strength, elastomeric liquid rubber to the exterior ICF walls which will create a water-proof membrane around the foundation. This coating is waterbased and contains no petroleum. It is non-toxic and VOC-free.

On the protected, interior side of the crawlspace we spray on a thin hard-coat stucco product and back trowel it over the relatively soft EPS foam walls of the ICF’s. No water proof membrane is required on the interior side. It’s easy to apply the stucco with an air compressor, hose and sprayer and provides a uniform protective barrier.

On the exterior side we spray on the same hard coat stucco over the water-proof membrane and then embed a fiber glass mesh material into the base coat for added strength. We finish with a second coat over the fiber glass mesh and trowel the finish.

It’s time to install the perimeter drains and backfill.