We Can Heat Our House With a Hairdryer!

This home will use less energy than a small hair dryer for heating and cooling. The TVs, DVRs and laptops will use more energy than the HVAC system.

Upon completion and occupancy, the Cottle Home will be monitored for performance. Data logging sensors will capture energy use, energy production, temperatures and other variables. The raw data will be regularly summarized and presented here.

Will this be a true Net Zero Energy Home??? We are going to find out and publish the results here beginning in mid 2012.

In the meantime we will begin presenting some information about concepts of Home Performance used to design the Cottle project. The concepts and vocabulary of “Home Performance” are not understood or utilized enough in current design, construction or purchase evaluation by home owners.

We will discuss energy efficiency, water efficiency and indoor air quality, of course. However, we will also discuss oft-forgotten performance criteria like thermal and acoustical comfort, two design goals and performance evaluation criteria which ought to be at the top of every home buyer’s list.